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Carleton is a new Shopify theme by the team over at Pixel Union. It's one of our staff favourites. As with all of our themes, it's fully customizable -- is if you're not crazy about something, you can easily tweak it. Change the fonts, font colours, backgrounds, any and all text and get it loaded up with your own content. We've packaged the theme with two different colour schemes: Cartleton Classic and Carleton Modern.

Typography, Colour & Branding

As with all Pixel Union themes, every single colour, accent and type-face is customizable. You'll also be able to upload a logo of your choosing, or else easily tweak the header text with your store's name. You can check out the styles page, here.

Managing Your Content

The Slideshow. The Slideshow accommodates up to five different images, allowing you to rotate either every 10, 15 or 30 seconds. Don't worry, recommended dimensions for every promo image are listed on the Theme Settings page.

Small promo image box. Use the small promo image box to advertise a new shipment or a specific product that your customers might be looking for.

Small promo box. Use the small promo box to advertise something tasty like adjusted shipping rates, or news of the next shipment. Use the Read More button to link to a page or blog post that will fill your customers in.

"Welcome Area" or About box. Use this space to say hello to your customers and engage them in a new way. You might want to tell them a little about yourself or link to your favourite social media outlet.

Sidebar product tabs. Simply select a collection and you're off to the races.

Dont want to have content in those areas? No problem, we've engineered each content area to allow for that.


The Catalog. Toggle between an automatically generated list of your collections, or else create a unique link list to only show your most desired collections. Easily switch between the two from the Theme Settings page.

Drop-Down/Sub-menus: Creating custom drop-down menus is painless. Beginning at your main menu, create and name your desired 'parent' menu (e.g., "Shop by Brand"). Then, simply create a new link list with exactly the same name as your parent menu. From here, it's only matter of populating that  link list with 'child' links (e.g., "Brand 1," "Brand 2," etc.). 

The Footer

Customize or simply leave it blank. Don't worry if you haven't got a Twitter account or don't want to offer a newsletter. Carleton is flexible enough to accomodate whatever you want to do with your footer.

Everything Else

MailChimp setup: We've designed our themes to integrate with MailChimp in the easiest way possible. This field sounds esoteric, but all it's asking for is a specific URL found in your MailChimp list menu. After creating/logging into your MC account, go to your Lists page and click to view your preferred mailing list (or create it, then view it). From this List page, select the "For Your Website" dropdown menu and then the first submenu, "Signup Form Embed Code." Scroll down to the bottom of the wall o'HTML to find <form action="____"> and copy ONLY the URL contained in this action.

Now, head back to Shopify. Go to your theme settings and under either "Footer" or "Mailing List Options" (depending on which of our themes you're using) you'll see a box for "MailChimp list form action URL." Paste. Done!

Shared products. Products pages are all hooked up to Twitter and Facebook.
External Links. Linking to external content is simple--just make sure to include "http://" before your desired address.


We offer supremely quick and personalized support. Any questions before you buy? Send us an email at Need help once you're up and running? Send us an email You can also find us on Twitter at @Pixelunion.